One Simple Way To Transform Your Backyard

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to quickly improve your outdoor living space? As the spring and summer months approach, we’ll soon be heading outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and relax in our backyard.  Unfortunately, many of us are still searching for that missing piece that can revamp our backyard and elevate our level of summer relaxation.  With Freedom’s Allure® Frame Kit and Decorative Screen Panels, your porch, deck, or patio can transform from an unfashionable setting into a peaceful retreat.

Add Privacy To Your Backyard

Whether we like them or not, many of us have backyards with clear visibility of our neighbors. Luckily, improving an area to offer comfort and a bit of privacy is much easier and more affordable than you might think. From a small corner patio in need of solitude to a deck with a hot tub that would benefit from further privacy, the Allure Frame Kit is an incredibly simple addition to your backyard.

Create A Divider or Accent Wall

When privacy is not an issue, the Frame Kit should still be seen as an essential component of your next creative backyard project. Perfect as accent decor, the Decorative Screen Panels can instantly add a touch of style to your yard or even your garden. In areas where some type of separation is needed, the kit creates a subtle boundary that can divide your deck or patio in a visually pleasing way.

Allure Decorative Screen Panels

Each kit holds three Decorative Screen Panels, all of which are built of low-maintenance, impact resistant polypropylene material.  Think of these panels as the new version of lattice, but with major upgrades. Each panel is thicker, easier to handle, and delivers excellent moisture and thermal resistance with UV inhibitors to ensure lasting beauty. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty means you will not have to stress over the quality of the material as the panels can survive even in harsh weather conditions. 

Available in six different styles and four different colors, the panels offer just enough privacy to allow you to enjoy your backyard space in peace. When used in combination with the Allure Frame Kit, these panels are a vital piece in the quest to building your backyard paradise.

Learn more about the Freedom Allure Frame Kit and Decorative Screen Panels, sold exclusively at Lowe’s, by clicking here.

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