Planning For Your New Fence

5 Steps For Planning A New Residential Fence Installation

Before you begin the process of building a new fence, there are many factors that need to be considered. Fence material, style, and placement all contribute to the finished look of your yard.  We’ve put together an overview of important items and details to consider before you dig that first hole! 

Fence Planning Ideas - image of a pool and yard

Step 1: Why do you want to build a fence?

The first step is determining the reason you want to install a fence. Are you trying to keep pets and children contained? Wishing for additional privacy? Looking to create a safe pool area? Beyond those reasons, a fence can be a great way to decorate a yard and instantly add curb appeal to your property. Establishing why you want to build a fence will ultimately determine the type of fence you should choose.

Step 2: What material & style?

There are many styles of fencing available to view in the Freedom Gallery,  but if you need even more inspiration, consider driving around your neighborhood and taking note of styles you like. For residential areas, common materials include vinyl, aluminum, or a combination of both. Home decorating magazines and our Pinterest page are also great resources for your research. And with Freedom’s transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty, you won’t need to worry about seeing the beauty of your fence fade over the coming years.  Freedom also offers pool code approved fencing in a variety of styles.

Fence Planning Ideas - image of aluminum, vinyl, and mixed material

Aluminum: Resistant to rust, fade, and corrosion. This low maintenance option is available in single and double picket spacing.

Vinyl: Heavy duty, low maintenance. Constructed with UV inhibitors within panels to ensure the fence maintains its color and beauty. Available in full privacy, semi-privacy, lattice top or picket style.

Mixed material: Features a matte black aluminum frame with vinyl infill boards designed to have the look of wood. This fence option also resists warping, rust, and corrosion.

Step 3: Placement

Take a moment to visualize your dream backyard. Beyond the building of the fence, do you have any other additions you’d like to make in the near future? Now, factor those projects into your planning and determine where you would like to place the fence. Make sure you know where your property lines are as not to dig on your neighbor’s yard.  You may even want to discuss your plans with your neighbors to avoid any disputes.

Step 4: Laws

Check local zoning laws, and if applicable, contact your homeowners or neighborhood association to see if a special permit is required. In some instances, your fence may need to meet specific requirements regarding the heights, appearance, location, and type of material. Refer to your local zoning laws to determine if there is a required distance the fence needs to be set back from the actual property line.

Call before you dig - 811 logo

Also, know where the underground utilities are located on your property.  This is extremely important. Call to have your utilities marked (dial “811” before you dig –  This is usually a free service utility companies offer for homeowners.

Step 5: Sketch out your plan

Use a piece of paper to sketch fence placement in relation to your house, garage, pool/patio area, trees or landscaped areas, or sheds. Remember to include any gates you may want as well, taking into consideration they should be wide enough for equipment to come in and out if needed.  Also, be mindful of any area of your yard you want to be sure to keep visible. Don’t install a tall fence that will block your favorite outdoor view or limit visibility to an area where your kids tend to play!

Example of a yard map fence plan

No matter the reason for building a fence, there are many solutions available to make your yard secure, decorative, and uniquely yours!

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