5 Options to Add Privacy in Your Yard

For many, one of the takeaways from the past year has been finding new ways to safely enjoy time outdoors. Spending more time with family, finding different ways to be creative or just sprucing up your outdoor space to make it a little more private are all ways that you can enjoy fresh air without having to stray far from your own home.

Of course, there are other reasons you may want to add some privacy to your yard — perhaps your neighbors have some unsightly clutter in their yard or are just too close in proximity. Maybe you are looking to add some shade from the sun, want more privacy while relaxing in your pool or hot tub, or are trying to hide clutter in your own yard. Whatever kind of privacy you need, we are sure there is a Freedom product that can help.

1. Filter Unsightly Views

Do you have messy neighbors with a pile of clutter in their backyard that you’d prefer not see every day? Freedom’s Allure Decorative Screen Panels (DSPs) come in different patterns and colors and are the perfect way to filter your view. DSPs act as a screen between areas — whether it be your dining patio or your pool deck. Customizable to match your décor, use our Frame Kit to stack them one to three panels high or get creative and hang them vertically or horizontally for that perfect touch of privacy.

2. Privacy Around Pool or Hot Tub

Rest and relaxation call for reclusiveness and quiet. Freedom’s Artisan Rail can help you achieve just that! This railing comes in full- or half-privacy options with different color infills to match your backyard décor. It is code compliant for decks of any height and can offer some solitude for your swimming space.

3. Shade and Sun Protection

Looking to catch a nap in the shade or for some protection from the summer sun? Freedom’s Decorative Lattice — a more affordable option to our DSPs — offers different designs and colors, including privacy diamond or square, depending upon your taste. Lattice can act as a screen between outdoor areas or above railings and is available in larger sheets than DSPs.

4. Hiding AC Units and Trash Cans

Trying to wrangle in your trash cans or conceal a bulky AC unit? These everyday necessities can definitely be an eyesore. Luckily, Freedom’s Accent Screens can easily spruce up these areas by hiding things you’d rather not see — like your AC unit, compost pile, trash cans and recycling bins.

5. Traditional Fencing and Fun Greenery

Looking to enclose the perimeter of your yard? Vinyl fencing that comes in a variety of colors and designs can be a great way to add more privacy. Check out Freedom’s line of vinyl solid privacy fencing — like the Brighton, Emblem, Bolton, Everton — for traditional styles of fence. And if you’d like a more modern statement, keep an eye out for Freedom’s new Alloy mixed material privacy fence — it offers a bold look that may be the perfect fit for you. Coming soon!

And of course, classic greenery provides a great natural option to add some color, style and privacy to your backyard space. Bushes, shrubs and bushels of seasonal flowers such as peonies, daisies, roses and violets can provide privacy and be fun, colorful accents as well.

For an overview of all of our outdoor products, visit Freedom Product, or search online at Lowe’s to check product availability at your local store.