Building A Fence

Adding a fence to your outdoor living space can immediately Pool safe fencingtransform the look of your property and add value to your home. However, installing a fence in your yard can require a certain degree of planning and preparation before you begin. From the style options to material selection and permit requests, the installation process needs to be properly done in order to safely achieve the backyard of your dreams. We’ve put together an overview of important details to consider before you dig that first hole!

Find Your Fence Solution

Start the process by determining the reason for your fence. Do you need additional security and privacy around your home? Are you trying to contain or protect your loveable and adventurous pets? Looking to add a decorative panel that pairs nicely with your landscape design? Maybe you need a pool code approved fence to protect your kids? These initial questions will help you plan and determine the style and material of fence that will best fit your needs.

Choose Your Material

Once you’ve answered the “why” questions, you’ll need to consider which fence material you’ll choose for your project. Aluminum and vinyl are popular choices for residential areas as they require minimal upkeep while still maintaining their original beauty over the years. In addition, our mixed material options offer a more modern, contemporary look.

Vinyl– A heavy-duty and low-maintenance material availableWhite Vinyl Fencing in code compliant options. Constructed with UV inhibitors built into the panels, you can relax knowing the color and beauty of your vinyl fence will last for many years. A great solution for anyone looking for a solid full privacy option or even those in search of a longer lasting alternative to the classic wooden picket fence.Available in a variety of attractive styles, you have the freedom to choose between full privacy, semi-privacy, lattice top or picket style.

Aluminum– Available in a pet friendly single picket spacing orAluminum fence in a backyard double picket spacing, our aluminum fence options are perfect for adding curb appeal.Our aluminum material is designed in a variety of styles to allow you to provide security and style in your outdoor area.  Powder coated to resist rust, fade, and corrosion, Freedom offers aluminum fencing that is durably designed to protect pets and children while maintaining a high level of beauty. Available in pool code approved styles.

Mixed Material– Features a matte black aluminum frame withBackyard privacy fencing - mixed material vinyl infill boards for a modern look. Each tongue-and-groove board is designed to have a wood appearance and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. Resistant to warping, rust and corrosion, the boards are available in a variety of infill colors to compliment your desired style.

Determine Your Style

Freedom offers a variety of styles in each of the vinyl, aluminum and mixed material fence options. Each fence style can serve a different purpose and should be reflective of your end goal. Popular vinyl styles include full privacy, semi-privacy, lattice top, traditional picket and scalloped picket. Aluminum styles include flat top, picket top or alternating picket top options. For uneven yards, or if you want to fence in an area that falls on an incline, our panels feature superior rackability (the ability to follow uneven terrain) or can be stepped to follow the slope of your yard. Browse Freedom’s impressive gallery of fence options to find one that aligns with your vision and fits your needs.

Check Local Building Requirements

You’ve decided on the best material and style of fence to fit your needs and personal taste, but there are still vital details to consider. Safety around underground utilities, local or HOA building guidelines and even neighbor relationships cannot be overlooked.

While building a barrier between you and your neighbors may be the desired goal, you want to be positive that you are not placing your new fence on property that you do not own. You may wonder “how close to the property line can I build a fence?” but the answer to that question can vary. Be sure to check local zoning laws, and if applicable, contact your homeowners or neighborhood association to see if a special permit is required. In some instances, your fence may need to meet specific requirements regarding the height, appearance, location, and type of material.

Finally, and perhaps the most important step to take before you dig that first hole is to learn where your underground utility lines are located. Call to have your utilities marked  or visit This is usually a free service utility companies offer for homeowners and will help you determine where exactly to place your fence.

Plan Fence Placement and Installation

Use a piece of paper to sketch fence placement in relation to your house, garage, pool/patio area, trees or landscaped areas, or sheds. Remember to include any gates you may want as well, taking into consideration they should be wide enough for equipment to come in and out if needed. Also, keep in mind any views your currently have that you want to keep. You don’t want a tall fence blocking your favorite outdoor view or limiting visibility to an area where your kids tend to play.

Now, you’ll need to decide whether to make this a DIY undertaking or to let the professionals handle it. If you plan to install yourself, order online through or take your sketch to your local Lowe’s ProServices desk where they can walk you through the ordering process.  If you’d prefer someone do it for you, Lowe’s Installation Services can provide a quick and easy solution. In just three simple steps, you’ll have professionals guiding you through every step of the Freedom fence installation process.

  1. Schedule a consultation on Lowe’s.comLowe's Fencing Installation
  2. FREE in-home consultation. After, you’ll receive a quote, which details the cost of materials, labor and warranty.
  3. Installation Begins.


With Freedom, you can choose from a variety of styles and materials to best fit your home and personal preference. No matter your desired look, we have solutions to help make your fence selection an enjoyable experience. Allow Lowe’s to assist in the installation process for a quick and seamless project that will revitalize your outdoor space in minimal time. More ideas and tips for installing your new fence can be found by visiting our blog and inspiration gallery.