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  • Types of Freedom Vinyl Fence

    Vinyl fences are an ideal type of fence, as they require no maintenance and will not warp, discolor or ever need painting. Vinyl is made with PVC (polyvinyl chloride), where PVC resin is combined with other ingredients that give the fence strength, durability and weatherability. Many customers prefer vinyl fencing to traditional wood fencing because […]


    You know Scott, that friend who started his company, plus his adorable family?  We are great friends with Jenna and Scott and they just so happen to live in an adorable bungalow not far from ours… I love their house too and decided that they could use some fencing.  Cute fencing.  Easy fencing.  Who doesn’t […]

    Super Easy Fencing Solutions

    Three or four times a week, one of my kids (or one of their friends) walks, runs or rides their bike into this tree and hurts themselves! That’s why I am so excited about Connections Decorative Fencing, available at Lowe’s. Connections™ is a fabulous to use short term or long term. It’s also flexible, affordable and low-maintenance. […]


    There seems to always be a house project to complete. From simple projects like painting a room a new color and changing out kitchen cabinet hardware to more involved projects like bathroom and kitchen remodels.  There’s also outdoor projects like adding on decks and fences or beautifying the outside of your home in some way.  I actually […]

    Vinyl Fencing Terminology

    Shopping for a vinyl fence but not sure on some of the terminology? We’re here to help! Below we’ve gathered some of the more common terms associated with vinyl fence buying and installation. Knowing what the different parts of a vinyl fence are called will make it easier to ask questions and understand your fence […]

    What is “Pool Code Approved?”

    Homeowners and property managers looking to install a swimming pool will need to understand the pool code rules mandated by the International Code Council (I.C.C.), or known by their former name, the Building Officials and Code Administrators (B.O.C.A.). They outline strong safety standards for swimming pool fences. In an effort to eliminate accidental drowning of […]