Defining Types of Fence Materials for Residential Installations

Selecting a fence material is an important and often tough decision: do I want vinyl? wood? chain link? What will look best on my property? What will stand the test of time? Do I want to do the upkeep or should I pick one that is low maintenance?

Wood fences have been around for centuries. So has barbed wire (or more commonly now known as chain link.) and wrought iron. When you first hear the word fence you probably think of these types of materials. However, over the year’s vinyl, aluminum, steel and others have entered the marketplace and now account for a large portion of residential fencing options.

Here we take a detailed look at the various types of more common fence options for the homeowner:
Wood: offering a more traditional look, wood fencing provides security and privacy. The wood boards are good for concealing backyards, unattractive areas of the yard or hiding unsightly garbage cans or air conditioning units. Available in a variety of natural and pressure-treated wood options. You can stain the wood for a more decorative look or do nothing to keep it looking natural. It is easy to seal and stain and will keep that appearance for many years. It will eventually need a touch up, as wood isn’t as low maintenance as other types of materials.

Vinyl: the timeless beauty of vinyl is a newer, popular choice for homeowners as it adds curb appeal and value to your property. It is easy to install, durable and low maintenance. The material may require an occasional rinsing, but it will not warp, discolor or ever need painting. Usually available in a wide variety of styles include privacy, semi-private, picket top, scalloped, lattice top or post & rail.

Aluminum: inspired by the architectural design of traditional wrought iron fences, decorative aluminum makes properties more beautiful and complements a wide variety of landscapes. The scratch-resistant powder coated finish is durable and requires minimal maintenance. It is easy to install and provides safety and security.

Steel: similar to aluminum, steel makes a great addition to any property. Engineered to last, steel is low maintenance, strong, durable and heavy-duty. There are many options for use of a steel fence – around a home’s property, a garden, child’s play area or a pool.

Chain link: dating back to the 1800’s, chain link fencing is widely used to keep pets and children in and keep animals out. It is a very cost-effective option for any type of fence need. While it may look utilitarian, it is strong and it remains a durable, lasting product that can survive all weather conditions.

Farm fence: used on farms to contain larger animals. Available in many styles for any budget or property size.73024836_Scene