1. Do my posts need wood inserts?

No, our posts are structural and do not require, nor do we recommend, a wood insert. However, our aluminum gate post insert is required for gate posts to meet warranty and ensure strength for hardware connections.


2. What does ‘racked’ or ‘rackable’ mean?

Our Ready-to-Assemble panels will follow varied terrain, racking 1-in per foot. All Freedom aluminum fence panels are also rackable up to 38-in over 6-ft or 48-in over 8-ft.


3. What is the difference between Ready-to-Assemble and Pre-Assembled panels?

Ready-to-Assemble panels come in a kit and require assembly. These panels use pre-routed posts (no brackets needed). Pre-Assembled panels require zero assembly and are installed to blank posts using brackets.


4. How many times can Freedom’s Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty be transferred?

The original purchaser of the product can transfer the warranty once to the next homeowner and must keep all of the original paperwork.


5. Do you offer replacement parts?

Yes, please work directly with the Lowe’s store where the product was purchased for assistance with ordering replacement parts or call 888.418.4400.