How to Utilize Decorative Screen Panels in Your Living Space

Foster serenity and seclusion with Freedom Outdoor Living Decorative Screen Panels

Decorative Screen Panels (DSPs) have quickly become an integral part of home decor. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic of a space, but they also provide privacy and shade to certain areas.

The possibilities of their use are truly as limitless as its user’s creativity: from decorating a wall – to becoming a feature wall itself – serving as window cover, door, patio enclosure or many other uses.

Here are some of the most popular ways to utilize DSPs in your home space.

Decorative Screen Panels

Give your home some boundaries

DSPs are perfect for creating a private backyard oasis. Whether it’s a centerpiece wall feature, a side wall for the patio or deck, a grand entranceway, a decorative covering to fill the spot where the shrub died or where the neighbors built that two-story extension, DSPs can be used for a multitude of DIY projects.

Here are some popular uses:

  • Create a custom configured privacy screen for your outdoor space. Using a Decorative Screen Panel Frame Kit, you can connect and stack up to three DSPs horizontally to create a privacy screen to place around hot tubs or other parts of your yard.
  • Hide unsightly views from guests and passers-by. DSPs can help hide unattractive sights while maintaining an open feel to a space. Think pool pumps, trash cans, pet spaces, electrical boxes and other unsightly objects.
  • The flip side of hiding things — block things out! DSPs give your space privacy, can block unsightly views, the unrelenting sun and more.
  • Keep those critters out! While lattice is a popular option for closing off under deck areas, DSPs provide an even more durable option. At twice the thickness, they provide a more stylish look than the limited patterns found with plastic or wood lattice.


A secluded oasis

Whether your outdoor space is designed for entertaining guests or offering quiet solace, DSPs can be used as divider walls or decorative accents.

  • Add some shade to your space. Compatible aluminum frame kits allow DSPs to slide in and stack up to three panels high to create a divider wall or decorative accent.
  • Make a room out of your deck! With attractive screening, your deck can become another room in your home!
  • For areas where you want physical separation but don’t want to block the view or breeze, framed DSPs are a good solution. If you want your view to feel unobstructed, choose dark colors.
  • Freedom Outdoor Living’s new DIY-friendly aluminum pergola — set to hit the market next month — was designed with the customization of DSPs in mind. The new matte black 8’ x 8’ pergola can be customized by adding DSPs to the roof and/or optional side walls. The panels are so easy to install, you can DIY in the morning and BBQ in the afternoon!


Bring ‘em inside

DSPs can be hung inside your home on a wall or even a roof overhang to accent your space. Use it as wall décor in your living room or as a stylish backdrop in your home office.

Other ideas:

  • Cover that blank wall in your hallway or office. Long halls in your home often benefit from some additional imagery or décor.
  • Divide a space in your kitchen, office or backyard patio to add privacy.
  • Suspend panels in high ceilings to add a unique design that creates a more contemporary look.
  • Give your office a special talking point. Why blur your background in video chats with co-workers when you can have a sleek and modern backdrop to impress on-lookers?

With so many versatile ways to utilize DSPs inside and outside your home, you are sure to find a way to incorporate them into your space. The panels are so easy to install, you can DIY in the morning and BBQ in the afternoon!

Freedom Outdoor Living’s Allure DSPs are available in two sizes: 2’ x 4’ and 3’ x 6’, and are 0.3” thick. Made of polypropylene, Freedom’s DSPs are super durable and are tolerant to different climates with minimal expansion and contraction.

Eight styles are available to choose from — including Boardwalk, Morse, Fretwork, Slate, River Rock, Optic, Sprig and Sanibel — and span styles sleek and modern to natural and whimsical. Designs are available in five colors: White, Umber, Black, Saddle and Gray. Designed with a matte, textured finish, DSPs can be painted and customized to match any style.

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