Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

3 Outdoor Products That Should Be on Your Holiday Wish List!


While the bustle of the holiday season may leave you busy wrapping gifts and baking festive treats, you can make a statement to your guests and neighbors by increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Here are three exciting outdoor product ideas to put on your holiday wish list that will turn heads and take your home to the next level:

1. Allure® Decorative Screen Panels (DSP). Decorative Screen Panels (DSP) can make a huge impact on the beauty of your home without much effort. A perfect indoor or outdoor home accent, they can enhance both the function and the aesthetics of any space.

DSPs can be used to decorate bare walls, divide rooms, create or extend privacy, or bring style to any space. They can be effective on a front porch, whether placed between a roof and railing, or used in a DSP Frame kit.

Constructed of polypropylene, DSPs are durable and tolerant to all types of climate, and can withstand even the harshest weather. Their matte, textured finish also allows them to be painted, giving you flexible style options – you can even cut them to size!

2. Porch Railing. You work hard to present a beautiful home for the holidays, and your front porch should be equally inviting for your guests. Updating a porch rail adds tremendous value to your home, increasing your property value and giving your home a well-maintained look.
Options include:

  • Aluminum. Designed to be low maintenance and easy to care for, aluminum railing is durable and protective. These are easy to install with patented technology that allows pickets to snap securely into rails with no visible hardware. Also available in code-approved styles and designs.
  • Mixed Material. Mixed material railing offers color and size options in an aluminum frame with vinyl infill boards for a modern look. A complimentary pair, vinyl boards are low-maintenance, while powder-coated aluminum resists moisture and weathering damage.
  • Vinyl. Built to last, vinyl is a low-maintenance and durable option that enhances the appearance of your outdoor space and provides exceptional security with attractive, code-compliant options.


3. Picket Fencing. Nothing symbolizes a complete home quite like a traditional white picket fence along your front yard. This classic look offers quaint charm and allows for a wide range of landscaping options to enhance your property.
Options include:

  • Ashford. A unique alternating picket design, the Ashford panel nicely compliments landscaping.
  • Coventry. Enhance your yard with a charming Coventry picket fence that is neighbor-friendly, and available in straight and scalloped designs.
  • Newport. A traditional white picket fence perfectly accents outdoor areas and adds an attractive border from property to sidewalk.


First impressions matter, but with the right materials and planning your dream outdoor environment can be a reality for you and your guests this holiday season and beyond.

For an overview of all of our outdoor products, visit Freedom Outdoor Living, or search online at Lowe’s to check product availability at your local store.