Planning Suggestions for a New Residential Fence Installation

Installing a fence in your yard requires a lot of planning and preparation before you begin. Knowing where to place the fence, what materials you need, style of fence you desire, and many more questions need to be determined prior to walking in to your home improvement store to buy your materials. We’ve put together an overview of important items to consider before you even dig that first hole!

The Why?

The first step is determining the reason you want to install a fence…for security, privacy, or enclosure of a new pool? Are you simply inspired to update and add a decorative touch to your yard? Looking to add curb appeal to increase your property value? Are you trying to keep pets and children contained? Wishing for additional privacy? These first questions will help you begin planning and ultimately determine the type of fence material you choose.

Materials & Types

You’re ready to make your purchase, but still haven’t decided on material? If you need inspiration to find the perfect fence, drive around your neighborhood and see what types of fences you like. Home decorating and remodeling magazines are nice tools to begin your search. Also, if you are on social sites (such as Pinterest), there is a wealth of information and photo ideas you can find.
They types of material common for residential areas include vinyl, wood, aluminum, chain link. These types and styles will depend on the answer to the “Why” question you answer. The most popular styles include private, semi-private, decorative, security/protection, or farm fence.


Check local zoning laws, and if applicable, contact your homeowners or neighborhood association to see if a special permit is required. In some instances, your fence may need to meet specific requirements regarding the height, appearance, location and type of material.

Also, know where the underground utilities are located on your property. This is extremely important. Call to have your utilities marked (call “811” before you dig – This is usually a free service utility company’s offer for homeowners.


Determine where you will place the fence. Make sure you know where your property lines are as not to dig on your neighbor’s yard. You may even want to discuss your plans with neighbors to avoid any disputes.

Sketch out your plan

Use a piece of paper to sketch fence placement in relation to your house, garage, pool/patio area, trees or landscaped areas, or sheds. Remember to include any gates you may want as well, taking into consideration they should be wide enough for equipment to come in and out if needed. Also, keep in mind any views you currently have that you want to keep. If there is a park out back you like to look at, don’t install a tall fence that will block your favorite outdoor view!

No matter the “Why” there are many solutions available to make your yard secure, decorative, and uniquely yours!