Stylize Your Space with Decorative Screen Panels

If you’re looking to upgrade your space, Freedom’s Decorative Screen Panels (DSPs) are a great solution. DSPs can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the aesthetic of your indoor or outdoor space. We’ve outlined the benefits of DSPs and several application options below to get you inspired.


Perks of Decorative Screen Panels

DSPs are made of polypropylene, making them ultra-durable and impact resistant. At twice the thickness of traditional plastic lattice, DSPs stay stable in extreme climates with minimal expansion and contraction. This means they can withstand any weather conditions, from cold and snow, to wind and rain, to warm and sunny.

Freedom offers DSPs in two sizes: 2’x4’ or 3’x6’. Panel styles vary from sleek and modern, such as our Optic style, to natural and whimsical, like our Sprig design. The five colors – Gray, Saddle, Clay, Black and White – deliver a matte, textured finish that can also be painted, so you can customize to match any color scheme.

Once you’ve selected your perfect size, style and color combination, decide where and how you want to install.



Freedom’s Decorative Screen Panels can also be hung on a wall or from a roof overhang — serving as a decorative accent both indoors and out. Use as wall décor in a living room or to create a stylish headboard in a bedroom. Hang them from the roof of a covered porch, deck or gazebo — anchoring them to a railing can provide better stability, but they are durable enough to also float unattached at the bottom and provide the same stylistic touch. 



Decorative Screen Panel Frame Kits are an excellent option to add privacy, close off or divide part of a room, or create a unique decorative backdrop. Frame Kits can hold up to three DSPs, stacked horizontally. Made from powder-coated aluminum with a matte black finish, frame kits are designed to complement any environment.

Outside, install around hot tubs or other portions of your yard, porch or patio where you desire a little more privacy, or simply a unique decorative accent. Indoors, use to divide open rooms and create a separate space for your home office, kids play area or pet’s bed.



Lattice is a popular option for closing off the area under your deck and creating a barrier for critters. However, DSPs can provide an even more durable option. DSPs are not only twice as thick, they  can provide a more stylish look than the limited  patterns you’ll find with plastic or wood lattice. Plus, with several styles and colors to choose from, you can get creative around the base of your deck.

With so many versatile ways to utilize DSPs inside your home, on your patio or porch, or under your deck, you’re sure to find a way to incorporate them into your outdoor space . Get started on your DSP project, order now at or browse