Aluminum Care and Maintenance Tips

Durable aluminum fence and railing products doesn’t require the constant care and maintenance you’d expect from some traditional types of fences, like wood. However, you will need to consider a yearly upkeep schedule in order to maintain a beautiful looking aluminum fence and rail system.



Cleaning an aluminum fence or rail:

• On occasion, you should spray your fence with a garden hose. This will remove grass clippings, dirt and fertilizer chemicals and keep it looking as new as possible.
• For light cleaning, rinse with water from bottom to top and back to bottom. This will clean the surface on the way up and prevent the collection of dirty “run down” and possible streaking. Air dry or wipe with a soft, lint free cloth.
• Most basic stains can be cleaned using a simple degreaser, such as Simple Green® and should be rinsed after applying
• For hard water stains, CLR® (Calcium, Lime and Rust cleaner) can be used and should be rinsed after applying
• For more soiled areas, rinse the surface with clean water from the top to bottom. Use a sponge and clean with mild dish soap and water. Immediately rinse any “run down” to lower parts of the fence. Do not allow dish soap to collect or puddle on surfaces. Immediately rinse entire section with clean water. It is very important the dish soap does not dry on the surface. Air or wipe dry with a soft, lint free cloth. For stubborn, water-soluble debris, repeat steps above until clean.
• If you reside in a coastal area, we recommend you frequently spray your fence with water to reduce accumulations of salt and dirt.


To maximize the life of your fence or rail, address these areas:

• Adjust the gate every Spring
• Oil the gate hinges and tighten the screws once a year
• Do not let the gate swing in the wind. Keep it secured
• Deter children from swinging, hanging or playing on the gate
• Re-tamp and realign the loose posts as needed
• Do not stack or mount any objects or material near your fence


• Touch-up paint is available through Lowe’s and may be used on panels, gates, and posts if needed.

Yearly maintenance will prolong the life of your fence. Be sure to check regularly for dirt and debris, or any loose posts, panels or hardware.