Front Porch Makeover

If you’re reading this, odds are you or someone you know is in need of a front porch makeover. With the arrival of summer, you now have an opportunity to rejuvenate the front area of your home. First impressions are important and your porch can tell visitors a great deal of information. Unfortunately, many people undervalue their porch and completely disregard its potential value. Implementing even just a few ideas and products can quickly add curb appeal to your outdoor area of relaxation.

Decorative Screen Panel, Prescot Railing, and Heathrow Rail Kit

Heathrow Rail Kit

They say it’s the small things in life that make the biggest differences and this is exactly the case with the Heathrow Rail Kit. Constructed of aluminum and powder-coated with a matte black finish, the Heathrow is essential to revitalizing your porch. Incredibly easy to install, this transitional railing can be positioned level or on stairs to a range of 0-41 degrees over a 3-step span.  Everything you need to assemble the rail is included in the kit. Ideal for installation on concrete or wood, this is a quick afternoon project that can instantly breathe life into the front of your home.

RailingRailing Styles - Front Porch Makeover

Adding railing not only catches the eye, but it also creates a cozy semi-enclosed area where you can relax in peace. Freedom has a variety of railing materials, sizes and styles to choose from.

You can browse all of Freedom’s railing options by clicking here.

  • Vinyl, aluminum, and mixed material options
  • Mix and match material to create a unique style
  • The Prescot, as seen in the above left picture, is available with square or round baluster options
  • Code approved options available

Decorative Screen Panels

Such a simple addition to your porch! Freedom’s Decorative Screen Panels can transform your drab front porch into a trendy spot with a stylish atmosphere.

Available in six different styles and four colors, all of which are paintable. Yes, these panels are paintable which means you can customize the look of your porch to match your furniture or even your flowers!

Decorative Screen Panels - 6 options

One of the forgotten areas of a porch is the area beneath. For most of us, flowers, shrubs, or lattice may already block the view of this dark, dirty space. But, if you want to do a proper front porch makeover, you should consider using Decorative Screen Panels.

  • Resists warping, rot, twisting, splitting, discoloration and scratching
  • Low-maintenance, impact resistant material
  • UV protection to deliver long lasting beauty


Decorative Screen Panels - Front Porch Ideas


While it may seem obvious, adding flowers can quickly make a drastic difference in the appearance of your porch. When you spend the time choosing the proper railing or decorative screen panels, why not coordinate the colors of your flowers as well as design proper plant placement. You may have a beautiful porch, equipped with new railing and furniture, but flowers can take your place of relaxation to the next level.

Front porch with flowers
If your porch does not get an adequate amount of sun, ferns are a great solution and also provide additional privacy when displayed in hanging baskets. For full shade to a medium amount of sun, these flowers will provide a touch of color.

  • Caladium
  • New Guindea Impatiens
  • Begonias


Reinvigorating your outdoor space has never been easier. With Freedom’s products and a few additional flowers, you can have a complete front porch makeover that will leave you feeling relaxed and proud.

Learn more about the Freedom products, sold exclusively at Lowe’s, by clicking here.

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